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Sunday, March 21, 2010

As usual a very robust week with budget discussions and other plans for the future....and if you haven't had time to view the following webcast, it is a must see
Images in Time from MLTI's Webcasts. I recommend using headphones and thinking about how you would use Comic Life. Also, I believe these webcasts are best viewed pre-recorded since you can view them at your own pace - and with popcorn :)

The ipod touches are being piloted to figure out if they are good for us... or not. I see them playing a role for gathering data, assistive technology and RTI, interactive respons systems, skill drills, and assisting literacy - to name only a few. I am interested in Nintendo's DSi XL and how it may serve our needs. Cuurently, it seems its value is for game-based education...a trend coming our way. The plan for the touches is to get a few of us familiar and then to train others for more piloting...April 7 we will convene to share opinions and train another set of teachers....One conclusion I came to was that many students have ipod touches as well as cell phones and yet school filters do not apply to these tools, yet we have blocks on Macbooks and PC's....I foresee a plan to teach digital responsibility and perhaps that discussion could happen on Facebook.....Maybe. Maybe not.

Lance Ford from OK provided more training this week for the Tanberg video conferencing tool and uncovered more ways for us to use this tool. He is attempting to provide us with a virtual field trip in April.

I am working out some training dates for mimioboards and continue to work with Jim Moulton from Apple developing PD which will focus on National Education Technology Plan, National Education Technology Standards, and TPCK - Technilogical Pedgogical Content Knowledge. These will also frame a new LF Technology Plan. Also, it would be crucial to figure out how to link core-content standards to project-based-learning opportunities.


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