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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Successful Tanberg Video Conferencing event with Jay and Mt. Blue

Big week this week. Thanks to Mrs. Easter and Randy Easter from Jay, we pulled off a multi-site class with the Tanberg Videoconferencing equipment on Garageband and podcasting with middle school students from three schools. From this point, we will reflect and follow up with students and staff on what to do next and how to make it better - and this be most important. Photos will be forthcoming and the event was recorded by Mr. Brinkman from Mt. Blue. Ideally, we will be able to view this in the Scheduler....via the Tanberg or right fro your laptop.

Also, the Livermore High School students learned to access their own profiles for file storage and learned to access inter-district gmail accounts. We still need to work with teachers and students to best figure out ways to utilize emails. Also, email etiquette and policies will follow. Collaboration and communication continues to improve.

We are still experiencing growth (progress and accompanying issues) with back-end server stuff. Lost and retrieved files this past week shows that backups are working but it still has to be stressed that any end-user must make backup plans for those most critical files - burn file(s) to cd, put it on the cloud(like your google docs), macbook backups, on a stick, etc.... We arranged an incremental back system but figured we ought to go with full backups....

We seemed to have discovered why long-logins were/are occurring and that the issue(s) stemmed from the older or previous server arrangements.

It was an intense week but we resolved the biggest issues and made progress with the students.


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