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Sunday, December 13, 2009

LHS Laptops delivered

LHS - Got Laptops?  You Betcha!  And how 'bout that Andies figure adorning them?!  Now what?......Well, that's for us to decide and the gamut extends from enhancing to transforming teaching and learning.  Your skills are sharp and you are loaded with teaching skills and pedagogy and now have to figure out how best to use these tools - and they are tools, like any other tool in your bag...but your bag just became limitless.  But don't overload yourself.  

Some recommendations:

Become familiar with the suite of Macbook teaching tools, especially omni graffle (concept mapper) and omni outliner.  The following are links to a website summary but to learn what you have on your Macbooks open the Acorn in your dock and locate Omni graffle... and play...

Reference the following sites for technology integration that assists teaching and learning

Finally, perhaps you are ready to have students create how-to's in Pages or put music or other media in their Keynote presentations

Enjoy them and begin to consider how you might use 'em!


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