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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prof Development: Thoughts for successful PD time

A lot of thought has gone into PD and I have come to the conclusion that removing the barriers - time and money are not possible, so you have to work with those variables.  Also, PD is more tha a one-time training or even sequences of trainings.  Successful PD starts with input from all staff.   PD may focus on a single training but work before and after are as important.  One can't expect to show up at a training and expect to get all one needs - the training session is just an overview - it's what you do before and after that makes PD successful - and it's the support you get from those who know more

Let's decide what we need

Let's focus first on what we have at our disposal - do we know how to use Study Wiz, NoteShare, mimio boards, the suite of Apple tools?  Do we want to?

Let's immerse technology in a way that is unique to us and manageable.

How do we want to use tech to support teaching?

##Remember: one doesn't have to know or master a particular piece of software to support teaching - you will have it support your teaching in the capacity that it meets your needs. Also, it may not meet all your needs so be open to alternative support software.

PD is a personal endeavor supported by a network of resources - human and otherwise, online and offline.

What we need to learn about the software and tools we have will depend on us and how we decide to use it

It's not the tools, it's the pedagogy!

Be mindful that the biggest thing we may learn about teaching and learning software and its suite of tools is that it may not be the right tool - so discussions, trials, visits to others, trainings and fact finding missions are the leg work prior to adopting a technology tool - and should be one of the first things we do....Just because we have it doesn't mean it's the best for our needs and outcomes.


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