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Saturday, September 05, 2009

My First Week at LF

My first week certainly affirmed what I already know:  Teachers are heroes who do more with less...and I was nothing less than inspired.  On the technology front teachers expressed that technology needs to work to be effective: I agree that printers not working is unacceptable.  It made me think that if a teacher has to take attendance and walk to a printer and it takes 4 minutes to do so- if everything is working correctly - the monetary cost per year is astronomical and the human cost not replaceable.  The cost of paper and ink alone frightens me:  What would be a strategy to save? Is centralized printing cost effective?   I digress only to reveal this fact:  The art of teaching lies in how best teachers manage the 43-50 minutes of instruction time and technology glitches should not disparage learning time. (Would block scheduling work?) Ideally, technology should seamlessly support instruction time more not distract it.  So...it has to work.  In the business world (or any world) time is money and some say that a response and a solution to a technology glitch should take 3- 10 minutes.  Of course, that is assuming resources are optimum - and they should be, since we are talking about valuable resources - like students and teachers.  The next month or so will give us a more adequate and up to date infrastructure, a strategy will be created to support the infrastructure, technology and asset management will afford us cost-effective decision-making, staff, student, and stakeholder support will increase, especially if we could have a couple of staff in each building assisting Scott  (and myself) with tech issues.   Things will get better on the technology front.


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