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Friday, February 27, 2009

Get this....GIS and Spatial Literacy


"Geographic information systems (GIS) can help learners of all ages understand the world around them. GIS helps students and teachers engage in studies that promote critical thinking, integrated learning, and multiple intelligences, at any grade level."

From eSchoolNews

"Though GIS technology appears in the National Geography Standards, teachers in earth, environmental, biological, and general science also are incorporating geospatial technologies into their lessons. The growing use of these tools in an array of social studies and STEM subjects supports authentic, problem-based instruction, helping students tackle real social and environmental research projects in their communities. School leaders, too, are using geospatial technologies to help with their planning and decision making. These tools can help districts make more informed decisions related to facilities planning, student transportation, school safety, and more."

Taking Measure of a Community article
Imagine your school has access to 2,500 acres and your students are asked to make money from the land, make it sustainable,grow food,etc...What would you do? Incorporate GIS.


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