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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

PLE, PLN: Critical to anybody's success.

"We live in an age of information abundance. Our students need to learn how to find, evaluate, organize, synthesize, remix and re-purpose information in order to understand and solve complex problems" - Karl Fisch from the http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/

Those with the biggest PLN - Win! (Of course, there's more to it than that)

Check out this PLN using Inspiration software: http://landmark-project.com/workshops/personallearningnetwork.htm

When I sit at my desk, I have the tools I need to get my job done. My main tool is my computer and most of my learning environment is contained in iGoogle. On the iGoogle interface i have those web apps (tools) that make my job easier. Just a click away are tech support and teaching support sites. For example, I am just a click away from great educational leaders and websites who provide the latest and greatest in teaching and learning. Not just a passive digestor of information, I also communicate with these people and add to the ongoing development of education. (Imagine communicating with leaders at the tops of their fields... and these people are part of my learning environment and learning network!). Note: these leaders are not just from America and neither are they from the education field. More local, I read and communicate with state educators from Ning, ACTEM....and teachers I had when I was in high school. (That's pretty cool -learning with a teacher you once had). Anyway...when I need assistance or want to learn the direction of education I turn to my learning enivornment and network to acquire skills and knowledge.

What does your student's PLE (Persoanl Learning Environment) look like? - and not their overtuffed backpack.

When I need assistance or to problem solve, I refer to my PLN. I have a contact list of professionals, vendors, and tech support websites and other people readily available

What does your student's PLN look like outside just 'you', the teacher? Do you know how to assist a student to establish thier own PLN? (In the old days we called this resourcefulness)

Who's part of your PLN?

"The members of your network do not need to be people with whom you work directly. In fact, you do not even need to know the people personally. The members of your network should be people, both inside and outside of your work group and your company, who have the knowledge that you are trying to master and who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Are you trying to master a new manufacturing technique? You may find someone in another part of your factory or in another one of your company's factories who has mastered the technique and will be willing to answer questions as they arise. Or, through the local society of manufacturing engineers, you may find someone from another company who would be willing to coach you. Another method of finding a learning resource would be to search the Internet to find a discussion forum on the topic and, through that forum, find people who have experience with the technique you are trying to master. " http://www.tobincls.com/learningnetwork.htm

See Fishbowl's PLN: http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2008/02/my-personal-learning-network-in-action.html


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