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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

After-School Program Influences the School Day

The previous two posts were quick tries at Animoto software. Fortunately, I have the luck of experimenting this neat Web 2.0 App. with my After-School Program attendees. If the process works well and I notice student learning and enthusiasm, then i will use it in my Computer Applications class. Here is my lesson idea and format:

A Thematic Presentation: Veteran's Day is in Nov. and we will use a neat slideshow tool to present a show with emotion. The theme is despair...and hope. Specifically, we will focus on Vietnam veterans and those that feel (and have felt) the ravages of war....and its successes. We will use the song "Give Me Something To Believe In" by Poison. Visit lyrics.com for lyrics and http://search.playlist.com and listen to the song - imagine images you might use while listening. So.....create a folder on your desktops called "Veteran images" and search online for images that you think will (symbolically and metaphorically) depict veterans in despair.... and hope. This may require some discussion. Each of you should find 12 powerful images. Each of you will create a show in Animoto. Go to Animoto and view the introductory video. Some of you may have already done this. Cool.


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