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Monday, October 27, 2008

Protect technology or empower students?

David Warlck from his 2 Cents Worth blog pointed out the following at Tech Forum:

" “Pay attention to the kids.” This idea was eloquently raised when the discussion shifted over to tech-director as barrier. One of problems agreed upon by many in attendance, was where the district has hired a technology director (or czar) from the industry sector, to maintain its million dollar investment in computers and infrastructure. The problem is that they often (and certainly not always) work toward protecting the technology, rather than working to empower learning."

Without a solid tech infrastructure there is no technology. Much of what I do (as part of a tech team) is ensuring computers work ( updated, protected, maintained, adhered to Erate, etc...). Our tech coordinator and myself would not have blocks if e-rate, administrators, and laws were not an obstacle: to block or educate? - We side with educate every time. There is a middle ground and that is where students need to voice how they believe their technology should be 'policed'. Laying the rules and state and national policies on the table and asking students to work within such a framework would be enlightening and an invaluable experience.


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