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Thursday, August 27, 2009

LF Goals 2009

My 3 - 6 Month Goals at Livermore Falls

1. Establish and embrace relationships with staff and students

2. Be visible and provide support - assess teacher and student needs

3. Collaborate, communicate, and contribute

4. Plan and design to react to tech integration, resources, and teacher training needs

5. Focus on our greatest resources - staff and students. Optimize what we have and efficiently plan for what we need.

6. Implement student-centered technology to impact school culture.

7. Familiarize and improve tech skills for tech infrastructure and end-user needs

8. Familiarize and improve skills for learning software and begin to solve how best to integrate

9. Inventory hardware and software and implement asset management software to efficiently and effectively manage assets and begin plan to homogenize assets

10. Assess and evaluate tech plan and its role: Do teachers share its vision?

11. Develop plan to remove barriers to effective instructional technology! Avoid a tech facade!

12. Develop a plan with teachers to integrate/immerse technology

13. Ensure equitable access to technology and online safety for students

14. Begin to implement digital citizenship and social media program as detailed (piloted)by MLTI for 2009. 

15. Implement Internet Safety curriculum grades 3-12 per compliance for CIPA and eRate

16. Assess student tech proficiencies at all grade levels:NETS alignment, measurement, evaluation...

17. Improve prof development by attending conferences, inservices, seminars online and offline and other progressive schools

18. Obtain web design/software system editable by staff and students (student pages, teacher pages,...)

19. Share Web 2.0 and open source ideas and options and how they may impact teaching and learning 

20. Begin to direct us to being a model district for integrating technology

**Collaborative environments, cloud computing, and "smart" objects are among the technologies that a group of experts believes will have a profound impact on K-12 education within the next five years or sooner.


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