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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Smell of an Apple

I worked many years surrounded by PC's and Toshiba laptops and so as I stood on the steps ready to walk in the door it felt like I was leaving the PC world behind. What would these people look like, I wondered? Would there be a distinctive smell? Would there be swearing in ceremony? Would they know my background...I mean, would I stick out? I can tell you they found me before I found them. I could not locate the exact building among many at Pineland so when I called the MLTI office and asked how I could find the building from the cafe (I called from the front steps of the entrance... and I always find coffee), the voice on the other end of the phone said turn to your left and start walking, I can see you from my office. And when I was pointed in the right direction, he said to look for the Apple sign. Did I find Apple or did they find me? Oh...and Apple people look like PC people and nothing smelled sour.

MLTI Tech Lead Training 9/24/09

Not a fan of trainings that give detail on "easy" stuff and speed through more complicated stuff. For ex., navigating asset manager is pretty "easy" and a lot of time was spent here, but study wiz - 15 minutes! Ugh! I'll defer to teachers, OJT, and Scott to refine my skills. So, I share the frustration with learning new stuff and why cram trainings don't work. So what does work? To learn Study Wiz, collaborate on best ways to maximize time by focusing on pieces of the whole, sharing what we know, use those who are experienced with, talk about why we want to or should use it? If we are Mac-centric, then we should learn the Mac suite of tools...supported by the many open-source options (that's my plug for Open Source)

Three things from MLTI training that stuck out:
Back up (easier said than done)
Spend no more than 8-10 minutes troubleshooting MacBook issue - call help desk!
Mac care and bag - there is a right way and a wrong way to put a laptop in bag


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