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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scott, Literacy sites, and a Word Cloud

Many people I know that I have been shadowing Scott throughout the district and the more I follow the more I know this is the best way to acquaint myself with staff, students, and technology assets. More important, working with Scott has been an invaluable educational experience to say the least: he has been the consumate teacher for me and has more than impressed me with his knowledge and patience. Thank you, Scott!!!!

I know literacy is the buzz here and here are some websites that might help:




The following Word Cloud summarizes my week. Word Clouds are great for introducing discussions about themes and plots and a good way to introduce vocabulary. View the following and come to your own conclusions:

Wordle: Techweek


At 1:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best place to leave this comment I believe, is in this location with respect to the original comment. The patience and knowledge that comes to my mind is with the whole district, as everyone has worked well together through some adverse conditions which have arisen, and yet they have a smile on their faces as Craig goes through the buildings waving Hi !


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