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Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving ahead with PD

As we move ahead to Jan. we tend to reflect on what the new year might look like and when I think of what I would like to do regarding technology integration at LF is become more available for teaching and learning support.  With an infrastructure coming together and some smart tech guys – Joe and Scott – I feel we are in good hands - but short ones – and I envision support coming from teachers savvy and willing enough to pitch in on that end. 

There is so much to do and so little time to do it that tackling PD has to be simplified and exact.  So a solid grip on LF school teaching, learning and curricula goals and scope and sequence for learning technology and alignment with MLR and NETS (District Technology Plan) is imperative and the best place to start.  From there, we look for the best applications support those goals.  I think the suite of tools offered by Google and those provided by the Macbooks is a great starting point-sprinkled with some simple web-based applications to fill in where Google Apps and Mac fall short.  (Disclaimer:  I know this is an imprecise but I have given this a lot of thought and I need a starting point.  I am open to any suggestions…..see my Ning).  I view PD and integration as a process heavily supported by curriculum and that means we ask the question: What is the learning ? )

PD starts with developing a skill set, comfort with the tool (use, experiment, fail and succeed and this means practice and working 'from-where- you're- at' without fear…and get support). Finally, it means using your curriculum and astutely deciding how tech will or will not assist gainful knowledge and learning.  So where are we with this?…I am not sure but starting at the beginning will be a good place to start (See Steps to PD). 

(Note:  Since technology moves at a fast pace and preparing our students for 21st century skills, I tend to start from that place reflective of the 2st century learner and worker: An ICT curriculum that is– information and communication/collaboration technologiy)

Steps to PD

Ascertain school teaching, learning and curricula goals and scope and sequence for learning technology and alignment with MLR and NETS (School Tech Plan)

Visit classes and monitor use

Host meetings on use decisions (esp in Jan)


Contact Maine SWIMS (Maine integrators and trainers) for advice and planning

Communication: SN and blogging

How to get PD:

 MLTI Webinars

Online tutorials

After school training slots 2x/wk: staff sharing, etc…

Just-in-time training

Web conferences –in-house and out



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