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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Terminal Servers, Tech,Law,and Policy

Tech review 11/06/09

Two Fridays ago met with owner of SPC - the guy who orchestrated the photocopier centralization project for LF district. It was his assumption that all staff were trained to use the copier mail boxes. I explained that it seemed to me that staff were not...and so there may be some training on this. As you know it is expensive to print paper and attempts to minimize printing is cost-effective. Here are some paperless practices:


Spent an informative week assisting with LES NWEAS. As someone new to the district it was quite an experience monitoring the testing scores as kids finished and learning how the scores will be integrated into the classroom. How will technology help? Will technology be more supportive using database software for data decision-making?
Terminal Servers continue a beta test drive - soon LMS will have access to it....Keep in mind that implementation decisions and 'unforeseens' are in flux...please provide feedback, questions...Students will have access to TS to manage their school work-and this is key since they will not have separate accounts on the shared Macbooks - this means students will not save work to the Macbook they use, but to the TS.
Vicki and I attended an informative Technology and Law Conference this past week. Some key points from the conference (and reminders):
1.Try not to use student names in emails
2.School emails are public record
3.Using school computers, there is 'no expectation of privacy'.
4.Lawyer recommends -Avoid online chatting with students and don't 'friend' students on your Facebook page. Protect yourself and be the consummate role model and be professional offline and online.
5.Access to use or unblock social networks should be permitted via committee - even through the school board.
6.The law has not kept up with technology so it is school policies that are key to the success of protection and enforcement. The law refers/defers to first and fourth right ammendments on anything social, private, and public when it comes to 'online' activity
7.Cyberbullying - refer to a school's bullying policy since 96% of bullying takes place at school and offline, according to CDC stats - and the presenter
***We have many policies regarding technology use to review, discuss, edit, implement.....


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