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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ACTEM Conference 101609

ACTEM Report

Tanberg Session (the big TV we received from the RUS grant for the LES and the LMS) - It may seem like a new technology to learn but I can tell you that if you can use a remote then you can use the Tanberg. Click on the phone on the remote and dial the number and you are in - provided you scheduled a conference or have been invited to one.

Training: Visit T4.lanceford.com , Live-C and Tanberg Connections program at Tanberg.com as bridge an click 'far end c'

Check about stipend program for 100.00

The Website supporting integrating Tanberg (and this is the key to the world of Tanberg) visit CILC the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
So...not only do you conference but your students can create content for conferencing, record content to be viewed by anybody, paticipate in Book Groups, share your local culture and environment with those students form around the world....or how about this project - choose school for pen palling and then meet them via a conference. And yes the Tanberg can attach to a DVD player and your computer and so there are limitless ideas there. One could do digital signage, that is, run bulletins or slide shows, etc...

Apple Remote Desktop

I have seen and loaded it on my desktop and now I viewed it from an expert and I want to tell you it is much more than a tool to monitor students' online behavior. Needless to say,though, it will be its primary use in order to maintain safety and collect student use data, especially when it comes to assisting software purchasers. Data about how often a particular piece of software is used can help us decide to maintain a license for it or not.

Technology Directors Roundtable

Here I thought I would sit among some experienced minds and get a feel for issues in other schools. What I discovered is that the range of expertise varies with some people more network savvy than others, some managerial, some more tech integrator, and some very well-rounded.

I did find it confounding that all schools represented at the session were having printing difficulties in their schools - go open source (Open Office) and use original drivers without deluxe features seemed to be the solution. Some schools were grappling the laptop insurance issue and confused about the issue altogether. Transfer and buffer issues with laptops were discussed -apparently the buffer pool has no limits! The majority of schools unblocked YouTube. Parent laptop orientation sessions were poorly attended - until a major incident. Make the switch to gmail - the umaine system just made the switch.


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