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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Celebrate! Doing grades seems to have been painless this time around.

Informative webcasts from MLTI - http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=MLTIPD&id=91083&v=Calendar or any of these archived webcasts: http://maine121.org/webcasts/archives/

There was some concern about personal use and misuse of the First Class email. Email servers and its content are the property of SAD/RSU36. There is no expectancy of privacy. We monitor all systems for functionality, safety, and maintenance reasons.

Tanberg group - We are learning to find resources. We working to locate local contacts and perhaps create a local group to share and develop video conferencing uses from sharing class with local schools to doing book-reads via videconferencing. Join us at LES on Thursdays at 2'sh if you want to. Visit http://edblasting.wikispaces.com/LMS+Technology+Resources

Web developers group met Feb 4 to discuss and decide content and layout of necessary pages and links. The goal is to work towards a live date for the district page by the second week of March. From there we will continue to develop school pages.

Met with LMS team leaders to discuss the changeover to logins and profiles for them. They to will be able to access remotely and do grades from anywhere if they wish.

We completed setting student gmails for inter-district use and applied safety features for monitoring use and protecting users. Students will be able to email each other and teachers in the district. Of course, other means for communication exist through Studywiz, shares, Pages to name a few.

Long logins still plague us and we have been working on solutions: blocking ipod touch use, rewiring and pinning old ehternet chords that may be affecting connections, checking with msln about the condition of their connection devices, upgrading to Windows server 2008, etc...Solutions to avoiding long-logins: Use local login (that is, not the rsu36.local); use your Macbook, don't logoff daily or shut down daily

Migration from the old First Class server to a new one will begin soon and we recommend you back up important files you may not want to lose. The age of the current FC server and software is many updates behind and requires several migrations. An archiving server will be added as well for federal compliance.


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