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Friday, December 24, 2010

Incredible, Speedy Technology Transition Begins to Transform RSU36!

A staff tribute to transitional technology transformation

We can always question our technology use, readiness and savviness and criticize that we can do more with technology, but what we can't argue is that use is ubiquitous. One can argue- but is it good use, you know, is it preparing them for the 21st century world of global communication and collaboration. Well, how would you measure that? Two things that show us we are on the right track: First, accessibility is ubiquitous: all students grades 7 - 12 have them and labs exist for those who don't. Second, they are not being used solely as glorified typewriters. So what has changed since last year?: the fact that most students have them, prompts teachers to use them. That they work and are reliable is key.

Here is some of what I see:(12 months ago I did not see this: this is speedy transition that is transformational!)

Wordle posters
Reading buddies via video conferencing (lfhs to lfms)
First Class student workspaces and conferences (sharing work,assignments,etc...)
Learning management tools like Pearson Math: grades 6 -8
READ180 literacy program
Iwalk evals for data to improve teaching and learning
Digital media - Photoshop CS5
LFHS MackPack
Virtual High school for staff and students
Google Apps for Educators (an RSU google domain)
Wikis and blogs in classrooms
Digital Story Telling
The seeds of a Digital Citizenship curriculum
Math Game websites
Noteshare notebooks
Compass Learning (legacy)
Interactive whiteboards
Professional Developer courses in-district available weekly
Distance learning with Tanberg video conferencing
Virtual field trips with Tanberg and Macbooks
Remote Desktop for staff for anywhere access to grades, files, and storage...
Revised district website
Digital signage
Data Specialist (part-time)
New Student Information System(SIS) - Power School purchased and ready for implementation
Job/trouble ticket system
FileMaker Pro for data collection and analysis
Intact infrastructure - vpn-WAN

Are there more uses I haven't listed? You bet!!! (please add)
Can we do more? You bet!!!

What next.......? What do we need to do? Stay tuned......


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