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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Technology is US and can be used to tell your story

When you leave a three-day conference you are usually refreshed and inspired enough to think you will implement everything you learned. Well...maybe not...but through reflection I have concluded that technology is not a person, a school, or a principal...It is US, including the community and all stakeholders. So.....I decided to promote the mantra "Technology is US" for our district realizing that successes, transformations, etc.... depends on us and our uses of technology. Themes to encourage for SY2010/11 should focus on digital citizenship and community connections and involvement.

At the conference I became convinced once again that digital storytelling has the power to transform not only teaching and learning, but a community. And so a pursuit or a thematic district and community project is proposed to tell our story. Imagine every student and parent from the classroom to the community sharing and publishing through a portal of access telling their story.

Overly ambitious perhaps but isn't everything we know about us relayed using stories?



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