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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Technology:Where we have come and where we are going

Where we have come...where we are going with technology

Students will have gmail; that is, not inter-district...or First Class accounts  - proposals and prices being considered now

Servers in shambles to new ones communicating throughout the district in a structure known as a vpnwan...and we are planning for v-sphere. Virtualization is the buzzword.

We will have "new" server rooms with windows and air conditioners - being arranged now

Tech guys and others may be MLT tech lead certified by Fall if  proposal jibes well with MLTI and state authoritative players

A PD plan and training for technology and technology integration for Fall 2010 all lined up and ready to go

First class accounts for students....
students and staff equipped with email for the potential for communicating and collaboration and the development of personal learning environments (PLE's)

Implementation of a new FC email server, software and an FC archive server has made compliance issues and functionality manageable

Fiber optic lines this summer for increased bandwidth in the district have been prepared by Fairpoint and joeboxes installed by the end of June/July

File Maker Pro 11 database servers (being built now) and software (just came in) and a database manager and training coming our way (hopefully by end of July)

Purchases of ipod touches to assist data collection and teaching and learning (grade pad, walkthrough, and FM 11 interfaces with the touches - that's cool!)

By Fall, all staff will have Macbook laptops and the middle school will be a veritable Mac school!

The development of a distraction-free student Personal Learning Environments (PLE) - enter First Class and iGoogle for all students and staff prof learning communities (PLC)

Staff interested in any kind of training this summer let us know.  We will keep you all informed of training that may make the transition back to school easier.  For example, how to access remote desktop, using First Class Conferences and Workflows, using google apps for educators,  etc,etc,etc...


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