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Monday, September 06, 2010

Scary to be an end-user at RSU36?

Scary to be an end user

NWEA data use will be accessed and assist data driven decision -making like never before
LES teachers have Macbooks and will be logging in and experiencing a wireless environment
LFHS Macbooks for a student 1:1 environment have just rolled in
FileMaker Pro to assist manipulating data will have to be learned
LFMS has digital signage tools for better news and school communication
Faster bandwidth for the district has been completed
iWalkthrough implementation and training is scheduled for collecting data for teacher evals
Students 9 -12 have First Class email and so teachers will explore communication and collaboration tools in the classroom
Videoconferencing equipment from Tanberg awaits use for distance communicating and collaboration

Many of these developments have sprung on us in the past few months. How to deal with it? It will take all of us.


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