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Sunday, September 26, 2010

To LFHS students...

Last week I watched my son in the kitchen plan a play date with his cousin from my Blackberry Mobil Phone. What struck me odd was that I found myself looking for the phone chord. And it dawned on me that he was already a digital native – and me, an immigrant (albeit older) still ingrained with yesterday’s technology: It doesn’t stop there: While hiking in the woods we were looking for monarch butterflies near milkweed. A curious 5 year old has many questions – and the mobil Blackberry offered images and solutions to his (our) questions. He will never have to return home, flip open the Brittanica in the shelf, and search for his answers – hours after his hike. Instead, he will ask more questions. And that is his world. Answers are easy to come by and so his learning will be how well he asks questions.

The Macbooks you will be receiving just by their very nature (that they are in your hands) will transform your learning experiences. Your learning experiences are limited only by you.


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