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Monday, February 04, 2008

tech integrator reconsidered

People use computers without inspiration, direction, and leadership from an integrator

Does the integrator have to sell , push, entice, the benefits of integrating technology? If yes, why?

Major role has been technician. No matter how you slice it, computers repairs are more demanding than integrating since you can't do the latter without the former working.

Project participation: Even if every teacher wanted to integrate via projects an integrator could not fulfill the demand. A good integrator/teacher project is time consuming.

No staff training: It would be great if the integrator was able to train staff 33% of the time.

Students doing research with info lit guidance: Although not a media specialist, there is very little time spend teaching copyright rules and how to determine valid and trustworthy online research sources.

Not all students receiving computer competency training: No plan ahs been considered to ensure all students are proficient with technology as it relates to NCLB and NETS. I have considered conducting computer seminars in 8 week blocks. Perhaps it could replace a study hall.

Tech committee fails to be a force for making change or implementing technology. This could be my fault.

In sum, the integrator role seems to be to post blogs no one reads, conduct meetings that amount to nothing, ensure tech is managed and working, try new things in a computer applications class. But if this role indirectly influences computer use - which it seems to do since teachers are using computers more wisely and more often - then so be it.

I guess some success in supporting the infrastructure, sis, some integrating,....

technology integration happens at its own pace depite the efforts of one to entice integration. It seems decide when to integrate. Is it comfort level? Is it knolwedge? Is it the realization that tech makes teaching and learning easier?

Would integration be easier if the it came from the top...and not just from the integrator.

How to work in computer skills and computer integration in a way that all students become proficient computer users is the question.

implement moodle and gaggle

still many students going without tech skills - thought role of t.i. would reach more students???

matbe tech integ should have been more student-centered not teacher centered??

So...."Teachers have to be willing, the technology must be available, administrators must understand the need, and the school’s climate and culture, which is greatly influenced by the community that the school serves, must be supportive." Source:http://strengthofweakties.org/?m=200712


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