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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visit to VCS: FOSS and Green in Vassalboro


Vassalboro Community School visit with 2007's Educator of the Year Mr. David Trask 01/22/08. Read about him at ACTEM.

School Platforms: Windows, Linux, Apple

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS):

Thin clients
Reading A-Z

Thin clients: Should we do this? We could do this and save money – lots of money! But not at the expense of everything. My best guess would be that Linux will not support all the software we have like finance software, etc… We could use it to replace most computers in the school but we are more than just a school. Downside: less money but more manpower hours initially.

FOSS to him means infrastructure support more than web apps. So I didn't get to see teachers using technology. His role of a technology integrator was minimal. Instead he was the tech teacher and the tech coordinator.

The school has moved from recycling to green. Got rid of CRT monitors and replaced them with flat screens. Got rid of CPU towers and replaced them with thin clients. I like this visionary thinking. – the move to green and free and open source!! And best of all it's a money saver.

In summer, Gould Academy trains for thin client knowledge. Interested?

When asked about their SIS – they use web2School and will move to Infinite Campus that the state will be offering - he was hesitant since deployment of SIS's is an immense project.

Use Moodle for budget considerations. More teachers submit budgets using moodle than actually teach with it. I found that to be a use I never considered.

An established relationship with the principal who entrusts him to go for it - this has been the root of his success.

Wrote a grant for Smartboard just like we are in the process of doing. With all the tech expertise at VCS I thought they would have one by now.

30 Emacs from Colby donations. They are part of MLTI as well.

Nokia Tablet and HP’s version of the XO. Shared these neat tech toys with me.

Considering dropping MSOffice licenses at 60 – 80 dollars a whack . Wow! What a savings.

Pidgin, ITALC, ICOP…..How to manage computers from a central mainframe.


At 9:46 PM , Blogger Hshawjr207 said...

Craig are they using Open Office or something similar. I would be interested in doing some thin client stuff. - Harold

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