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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why not consider a technology integrator?

Cratfting a unit is influenced by taking stalk of many different things, especially the students you teach. Student abilities influence how you drive them to what they need to know and be able to do. Not an easy task. How you decide to use computers can be just as difficult unless you didn't consider technology as something as an afterthought - which would be a paradigm shift for many. Will you use computers to showcase student work, use computers to assist and enhance learning, permit computers to drive the learning, or use computers to deliver the knowledge? Perhaps you believe you can deliver/impart knowledge (which isn't the same as teaching) better than any computer or computer software or website. Perhaps you believe a book, some paper, and a pencil is all you need to ensure student learning. With all the considerations teachers have to make before teaching a unit of study like the struggle with time constraints, mandated learning standards, modifying and adjusting lessons for all learners, differentiating, teaching literacy skills and note-taking, etc. perhaps integrating computers is a cumbersome add-on . The bottom line is achieving student learning and approaching it through many means. Why would you not consider a technology integrator? - or at least another person!


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