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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Solution Seminar

Computer Competency Seminar (aka Computer Literacy)

We will implement a 9 - 10 week Computer Competency Seminar for all studentsin all grades to earn computer skills and proficiencies as determined by NCLB and spelled-out in the Natinal Education Technology Standards from ISTE. The Seminars will take place during PLP, SSR, AAT times as determined by class mentors. Some students may test-out.Content for Competency:Basic computer operationsMS Office 2003 Suite (including email)Information Literacy (?)Cyber safety (??Web Apps/Web 2.0 (?)The break down: Students will take a pre and post-test to determine proficiency and earn a .25 credit. Student work with computers in other classes will determine the other .25 credit tp be showcased and graded in the student PLP. In sum, a student will earn the .5 elective credit and the compulsory computer proficiency as determined by NCLB (which says student will be proficient with computers by 8th grade) and earn a certificate. (This may be aligned with the MSOffice certiciate course offered by Microsoft ....or not). See online tutorials for more.


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