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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Digital Story Telling project reflection

Like any project, students need to be constantly assessing and reviewing their process with teacher(s). Some students have difficulty creating a story with meaning, mood, and emotion, theme, point of view with images. The transition from just assembling images on a computer to creating a story with the images is an abstract concept. If time permitted I would a project where I would take 12 images. I would put three themes, point of views and mood/tone in a hat to be drawn. For example images of animals would be the images and the students could choose a theme on conservation or pollution with a mood that portends disaster. They would use this info to create a story. Students learn the program MS Photostory very quickly but have real difficulty showcasing their images about their personal life ... or things that matter to themin a meaningful way...or so it seemed.

As a teacher it has been difficult to offer advice on a topic that dealt with death. A rubric is crucial to help with decisions concerning a student who wants to

The goal is to have great interest and sensitivity towards the students feelings about their project. Establishing a working relationship with them is key...just like it is in any job.


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