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Friday, November 16, 2007

Tech at AHS....We can do that!

Read this first from eSchool News: President Bush vetoes education spending bill

Some teachers have brought to my attention that they know of schools making 30 second video Public Service Announcements, creating and publishing podcasts, using virtual labs, and listening to interactive audio books. Well, let me tell you that we have the technology to do all of these and more.

This week Mr. K has used the Hippocampus website to conduct and assist lectures for his History classes. He had students view the visual interactive audio shows on Progressivism and using a split screen opened Inspiration software for students to take notes simultaneously in the mind-map fashion. More on this in my next post....

A must read: Andy Carvin's post "One Story, 5o tools, Infinite Possiblities". And at AHS we can do any of these Web applications!!!

Student Publishing ideas that empower:

  1. Podcast project ideas: Students scan and recite writing from the GW Chronicles. Or create VoiceThreads with this same info. What a great way to record our school's history. How 'bout a weekly audio interview with staff and students? How 'bout creating an audio book? Etc...
  2. Video project ideas: Create 30 second Public Service Announcements and publish them.
  3. Anybody used MS Photostory? Again using our GW Chronicles book students could scan images, put them in Photostory, narrate, and publish it.
  4. How about students creating a webinar or an audioblog???
Weekly Tech Notes:

S.I.S committee members continued their search for an Student Information System by meeting with the folks from JMG. Although their database has some valuable parts, it would not meet our needs for grading and reporting unless we customized it - and this is not a viable option based on our timeline.

Next, we will 'attend' an Infinite Campus SIS webinar since this is the database the state of Maine is acquiring. In the words of our TC: If the state is purchasing it, then we should. Also, Allen C. from LHS reports: "I can tell you that as of July 1 2008 the state will be providing Infinite Campus as a replacement for Medms. Their project is to provide this functionality to schools who do not have an SIS system first, than work to integrate to other school district. They would like to have all districts in the state on this software. When or if you fit into the plan will be determined by DOE – Medms office. You can contact Bill Herwitch at 207-624-6816 for more specific information. It is not an impossibility of interconnection between you and our school district based on proper planning if the results of the above efforts." Finally, we will sit with PowerSchool users and search for a local vendor for more assistance.


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