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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Judging a book by its podcast: Have you done this?

Troy S and I have been working on a lit trip for his Huck Finn Unit.
Visit our Wiki to see our collaboration on the unit. It is a work in progress at this point but a great illustration of how teachers can collaborate on a unit using technology tools. The benefits are obvious.

Also, Harold S and I have been establishing units. Click the link and see. Good stuff here.

Music soothes the savage beast!

Have you ever done this?

I never judge a book by its cover but I judge one from the author's podcast. I believe a book finds you - which might explain why I read many genres. Since many of the books I read come from articles and peer reviews -reviews from people sharing their thoughts on message boards or blogs -and not on Amazon and not from an excerpt - I usually 'find' what might quench my interest. Today, I listen to author podcasts - usually an interview from accredited sources like NPR - and decide if I 'like' the author. I know its as weak as looking at a cover and refusing to read it - but its a glorified way of doing it. The latest book that found me 'Musicophilia' lead me straight to NPR's podcast. Sometimes I look for an authors website and make a comment on their message board hoping they will comment on my post. This is cool. And if they don't respond, then I will not read their book- kidding! Imagine doing this with your students, especially if they develop an online relationship with a famous author. Talk about engaging the reader.

Listen to George Lucas . I think he knows what he is talking about.

Read this statement Warlick found: (click link for enitre article)

If your second grade teacher teaches a fantastic unit on dinosaurs, but dinosaurs are not on the test, then that teacher is doing harm to your children. Anything that’s taught that’s not on the test, is doing harm to your children.
Standardized testing gone amok!


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