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Friday, November 09, 2007

Tech Integration Collaboration Revolution at AHS!

When more than one teacher develops a unit, the quality of the unit increases. When students share documents and offer advice and editing, writing improves. The focus this week has been on collaborating and learning anytime and anywhere.

Wiki's have been established for teachers wishing to integrate units with technology. What makes a Wiki useful is its ability to share and edit units collaboratively...and quickly (Wiki is Hawaiian for quick). Such group sharing and editing eliminates the time factor. That is, having to set a time to meet becomes a non-issue, however, F2F (face-to-face) meetings are obviously necessary. See Troy S. Wiki for Huck Finn. Note: It is a work in progress. Jeff S. from BRG and I have begun a Wiki for Lost on a Mountain in Maine.

Or just visit my EDBLASTING Wiki for all projects under construction!

Also, some of us have been creating a powerpoint using Google Docs new presentation tool. Like in a Wiki we are sharing in the development of the slide show for Open House. For anywhere, anytime data sharing visit Google Docs and begin considering the uses for the classroom.

To read about and view a student Wikipedia project check out one of my favorite blogs from PBS learning.now

If you get a chance check out Harold's education social networking site. We intend to develop one for Hinckley students and call it My Hinckley Space.

See this link for 'What is a Wiki?': http://www.scienceofspectroscopy.info/edit/index.php?title=Using_wiki_in_education and this one http://www.suelebeau.com/blogs.htm as a resource.

Take advantage of my PortaPortal
Type in "cruttie" in login

As a teacher, What can you take from the Internet? See the article 'Fair use' confusion threatens media literacy http://eschoolnews.com/news/showStory.cfm?ArticleID=7430


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